I Need to Sing with You

When I first saw this picture, a chord was struck in my soul. I didn't know what the melody was, I only knew it sounded faintly familiar but had been forgotten somewhere along the way.

As I continued to look on the beauty of this instrument, the old haunts and refrains of the verse seemed to penetrate the deepest abbeys of my being, and a kinship of memories refreshed brought back the old tune. It was then that the words became melody coupled with the harmony of your voice and I knew I needed to sing together with you the joys and arias of the Lord our God.

Me--I am singing of the joy of lifting my voice together with yours to praise our mighty God today.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow,
2011-the year of Living Beyond Myself

Photo credits: When I went to China a few years ago, I sat beside a sweet couple from Minnesota who were on their way to Japan to visit the family of one of their former foreign exchange students. We only talked for a few hours but have remained friends ever since.

When I saw this picture on Facebook taken by a Chinese foreign exchange student of theirs (picture is my friend's mother-in-law's organ), it touched something deep inside me and I asked for permission to share it with you.

The warmth of the instrument plus the sunlight flooding over all gave me a sense of true peace and comfort as well as stirring a chorus of song from deep within.

I dedicate this picture to you. You, who make my soul sing each day, with just the joy of knowing that you care enough to drop by and read what God lays on my heart. I love you.

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