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Mary Jane and Mike

David and Lindsay Dianne, My namesake.

My precious nephew, Phillip, and I.

Lindsay looking at my painting.

Barry Thomas' incredible work.

This piece is incredible--sorry I don't know the artist's name. I will try to get that to give proper credit.

This is a photography entry--one of my favorites.

Today is my baby sister's birthday. Yesterday she and her husband, her daughter, Lindsay and boyfriend, David, her son, Phillip, Jeff, Kim, Kendall and Erin, Larry and I went out to celebrate.

Happy birthday, baby sis--Hope it is a good one. My, my, 57. You are getting old!

After lunch, we all went to the Fellowship Art Show. I am including a few pictures from it.


My canvas--The Prodigal Son--it sold!! My first "sell" ever. See the little tag that says purchased? My inspiration statement is unreadable in this picture but it says: "The original design for this canvas included phrases from the whole story representing the elation of the Father upon the return of his son. However, as the canvas progressed, the focus seemed to be the place in the story where the son is in utter despair wishing he could even be fed the food that was given to the pigs. The canvas story stops at this point--will the son choose reconciliation and feast of the soul or will he choose a distant land and famine? All of us at different points in our lives are left with choices and decisions, the greatest of which is: Have I been reconciled to the Father?

This picture was done by a high school student at Little Rock Christian.

Amy Hill-Imler, one of my favorite people. She owns the art studio where I paint from time to time. A really sweet gal!

A canvas by Sandr…


A couple of years ago, Larry and I took some of our granddaughters to Build-A-Bear. While they were custom dressing their dolls, memories from the past started flooding my mind. Memories of scant Christmases as far as presents, especially baby dolls, were concerned. For a few Christmases, bride dolls were the rage during the '50's. Since the only real dreams I ever had consisted of growing up, getting married and having children, I wanted a bride doll more than I have words to express.

Needless to say under our financial conditions, a bride doll was never "in my stars." All of my friends and relatives eventually got one and yes, I had a major pity party for some years over that. As I was sitting there at 60 years old in Build-A-Bear thinking all these thoughts and how blessed my grandchildren are and don't even realize it, my husband came over and asked me what was wrong. I think a few tears began to flow as I related as quickly and briefly as possible wh…


In David Wilkerson's book GOD'S PLAN (to protect His people) IN THE COMING DEPRESSION (c. 1998) he spoke of "his craving place."
The book had nothing about prohibiting reproduction so I am including a page from it.

Some years ago, a craving such as David describes started growing in my heart. I set the alarm a little earlier so that I could have this time of communion with the Lord every day. My craving time for many years when I lived in Oklahoma was the right end of my living room sofa. Where I live now, it is the left end of my living room sofa. My time consists of this: I read (meditatively and prayerfully) 5 chapters from Psalms most days.
On the first day of the month I read Psalm 1, Psalm 31, 61, 91, and 121. On the 2nd day of the month I read Ps. 2, 32, 62, 92, and 122. I add 30 to the number each time. By the end of the month I have read all the way through the book of Psalms.
I also read 1 chapter from Proverbs--the day of the month coordinates with the chapter…

To Tie or Not To Tie

Well, I wanted to tie up loose ends yesterday but mostly ended up giving a review of the day so I will try once more. I never got to write about my birthday so here goes.
Jeff's family came to visit me for my birthday on September 9th and brought a beautiful cake. Also, Michael's family came over on Wednesday, the 10th and brought me some great windchimes with a stained glass Christian fish symbol that dangles from them--really nice. Caroline and Kennedy really put on a show, singing several songs including "Happy Birthday" and "Amazing Love" with the Clavinova, guitar and microphone.
We laughed at how good Caroline can make a guitar sound without knowing a single chord--I'm sure she must have some God-given talent for it. Jeff learned how to play when he was older so maybe she will someday get to play.


I had a dream one night several years ago that I was riding a mighty horse--We were flying through the forest at an incredible speed, the horse's hooves barely landing on the ground before accelerating into mid air again--the feeling of exhileration was like being on some kind of an endorphine high and I felt as though the horse and I together were one and could accomplish anything. It is really hard to describe how I felt especially since I have always been uncomfortable around horses--not actually afraid of them, just not comfortable.

After a time the horse pulled up short and I knew something was terribly wrong. I jumped off to examine the horse and where the breast of the horse joins the legs, the horse was bleeding terribly and all the skin was torn back exposing bone and raw flesh.

I didn't have a clue as to the meaning of the dream until after waking I read the verse I have included at the bottom of this post. Was I or am I trusting in something besides God? Anything I tr…


Katelyn Elizabeth was born 4 days after I turned 50 so I can always keep up with my age, LOL, by knowing how old she is. Katelyn is 5 months old in this pciture and you can see her hair hanging out from under her hat--!

This is Katelyn and Kendall working a Christmas puzzle and snacking at our rental home in Hot Springs Village in December of 2004 right after we moved to Arkansas.

One of my granddaughters' favorite places to go--Build a Bear!

Katelyn snuggled in under the covers on a cold December night with snow in the forecast--and it did snow--

This was right outside our rental house backdoor--the house we rented from Charles and Terry, a couple from Chicago--They have retired and will be moving to their home in HSV in 2009.

I'm so glad you got to be dedicated at our church in Tulsa. What a special occasion!

I love this little snuggly bear--the one with the dark hair that is!!
How blessed can one grandmother be?! My second-born granddaughter out of six. Katelyn, you ha…


This is a picture of my precious calligraphy friend, Paula. Shortly before we attended a calligraphy workshop in Eureka Springs in May, Paula found out that she had cancer. Some weight loss later, and many chemo treatments later, Paula is sporting her new non-hairdo. What an uplifting person to be around. Paula credits God with helping her through all she has had to bear these past few months. Please pray for Paula. She will soon run in the Race for the Cure and she will find out this coming week whether or not she will have to have surgery.

Kerry's (another founding member of the Calligraphy Guild of Arkansas and an awesome Spencerian calligrapher) daughter got married recently and Paula and I are modeling the antique kimonas that she ordered from Japan to wear at her daughter's wedding. She liked them so much that she ordered two more and they are beautiful. I am also "showing off" my calligraphy canvas I painted this past week. It is not finished but I a…



This soldier leaning against a tree thinking of home and family so faraway has always made me so sad and nostalgic--it is a perfect reflection of my dad's personality at times. He was really sentimental.

One of my most treasured mementos is a card I received from him that year. I love the little box where he signed it--"Many happy returns, Danny! Daddy--His handwriting is the "Danny" and the "Daddy." By the time I was a year old, my 2 year old brother had started calling me "Danny" instead of "Dianne." Seven years later, my little sister, Mary Jane, was born and a year or so later, I became "Ninny," because she couldn't say "Danny."

Isn't it odd how most dates are just that --Dates-- but the date of our birthdays are so special and just the mentioning of them can almost give us butterflies.

By the way, I was born on Sunday. That has always seemed special to me. In the Jewish culture, it is considered a very…


The sweetest woman who ever walked the face of the earth was born 88 years ago today. She died almost 11 years ago and heaven is richer for her presence but we here on earth are poorer for her absence. She was first and foremost a prayer warrior. I KNOW that she prayed faithfully for me. My consolation when she died was knowing that she would be right there beside Jesus interceding still for me and my family. One of my first and favorite memories of her is her cool hand on my brow when I was sick and hot with fever. Oh, the comfort in her touch. I remember her giving me castor oil and gagging with me. I remember her squeals of delight when we would awaken to a white frozen landscape. Of course, in those days there were no meterologists (that we knew of anyway) and no forecasts of snow so it was a total and complete surprise.Mother would have been an artist had she had a chance to be. I loved for her to draw pictures of beautiful young women and she was really good at it. Another of my …


Meemaw's senior high school picture. She graduated from North Little Rock High School.

Meemaw and Larry in 1943.

Meemaw and Larry.

The house where Meemaw lived for 55 years.

Meemaw and Larry--not sure of the year, probably winter of 43-44 or 44-45.

Owen Mary Radnedge Hogue was born September 2, 1913. She would have been 95 years old today.

I owe a great debt to Meemaw in many ways--she (along with Peepaw) conceived, bore and raised my husband, she made many sacrifices for us when we were newlyweds, and many of the things I post on my blog, I would not have if it wasn't for her--she was a saver, of cards, pictures, mementos--and she was the queen of gadgets. She loved a gadget more than anyone I've ever known and used them often.

She was organized and was on top of every little thing that went wrong or broke around the house. I loved going to her home at Christmastime because of all the special touches--all the little things that she kept from year to year. She was a fant…