This is a picture of my precious calligraphy friend, Paula. Shortly before we attended a calligraphy workshop in Eureka Springs in May, Paula found out that she had cancer. Some weight loss later, and many chemo treatments later, Paula is sporting her new non-hairdo. What an uplifting person to be around. Paula credits God with helping her through all she has had to bear these past few months. Please pray for Paula. She will soon run in the Race for the Cure and she will find out this coming week whether or not she will have to have surgery.

Kerry's (another founding member of the Calligraphy Guild of Arkansas and an awesome Spencerian calligrapher) daughter got married recently and Paula and I are modeling the antique kimonas that she ordered from Japan to wear at her daughter's wedding. She liked them so much that she ordered two more and they are beautiful. I am also "showing off" my calligraphy canvas I painted this past week. It is not finished but I am fairly pleased with it. I figure I will never get better unless I "go for it." I don't really know what I am doing but it is fun to try.

Travis, Teresa and I will start meeting every Thursday this coming week to do calligraphy together. I can hardly wait!!