My canvas--The Prodigal Son--it sold!! My first "sell" ever. See the little tag that says purchased? My inspiration statement is unreadable in this picture but it says: "The original design for this canvas included phrases from the whole story representing the elation of the Father upon the return of his son. However, as the canvas progressed, the focus seemed to be the place in the story where the son is in utter despair wishing he could even be fed the food that was given to the pigs. The canvas story stops at this point--will the son choose reconciliation and feast of the soul or will he choose a distant land and famine? All of us at different points in our lives are left with choices and decisions, the greatest of which is: Have I been reconciled to the Father?

This picture was done by a high school student at Little Rock Christian.

Amy Hill-Imler, one of my favorite people. She owns the art studio where I paint from time to time. A really sweet gal!

A canvas by Sandra Newberg--she paints at the art studio where I go some Thursdays.

The picture Kailey took in Africa--click on it and get a better look--it is quite poignant.

Cynthia Schanik

Tonight Larry, Kim and I attended the awards ceremony and presentation of the art slides set to music at Fellowship Bible Church.
My canvas was chosen to be the "title slide" for the segment of Luke 15 dealing with the prodigal son. And there was a "purchased" tag on it so that was another blessing. That was the first thing I have ever sold so I don't know if that makes me a professional artist now or not. I will have to ask someone who is "in the know" more than I.
From my earlier posts, you have probably detected that I love the Word of God----SO to be able to declare His Word on canvas and share it with the general public where hundreds of people will view it, is my wildest dream come true. God says He will give us the desires of our hearts, I really didn't even know that was a desire of mine until it had come true. God not only gives us the desires of our hearts, he deciphers what those dreams are. What a magnificent God! My heart is full to overflowing with gratitude to Him for caring about my deepest and most heartfelt dreams. He fulfilled a dream and a desire far more meaningful than anything a bride doll could ever have meant to me. (refer to previous post) And He knew in the 1950's that He was going to do it. My, oh, my. I stand in awe once again.