Katelyn Elizabeth was born 4 days after I turned 50 so I can always keep up with my age, LOL, by knowing how old she is. Katelyn is 5 months old in this pciture and you can see her hair hanging out from under her hat--!

This is Katelyn and Kendall working a Christmas puzzle and snacking at our rental home in Hot Springs Village in December of 2004 right after we moved to Arkansas.

One of my granddaughters' favorite places to go--Build a Bear!

Katelyn snuggled in under the covers on a cold December night with snow in the forecast--and it did snow--

This was right outside our rental house backdoor--the house we rented from Charles and Terry, a couple from Chicago--They have retired and will be moving to their home in HSV in 2009.

I'm so glad you got to be dedicated at our church in Tulsa. What a special occasion!

I love this little snuggly bear--the one with the dark hair that is!!
How blessed can one grandmother be?! My second-born granddaughter out of six. Katelyn, you have always been such a joy and we love you so very, very much.