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I am so thankful for my three daughters-in-law. During the tedious daily chores one must do to raise a family, I wanted to put that time to good use--so that was when I prayed for my son's future wives. God was so faithful to answer that prayer in the persons of Kimberly, Traci, and Andrea.

Even though I basically just got started a few weeks ago with the deliberate "counting of blessings," I would be way over the 1,000 mark if I enumerated all the ways that my DILS have blessed me. But I will name a few.

61. the way that you love my son

62. the seven grandchildren you have given me

63. your faithfulness in prayer, Bible study, and serving your church and community

64. your inner beauty that spills over into your outward appearance

65. Traci, the hundreds of children's lives you have touched through your job as a children's minister

66. Kim, your dedication to your job

67. Dree, the incredible home-schooling that you give your daughters--makes me want to go back to school.

68. And my most awesome blessing this week was yesterday. My husband and I went to the pumpkin patch, went on a hay ride, and then drove a leisurely drive up through some pretty Arkansas country. I will be posting pictures later this week.

UPDATE: So much truth in Ann's post today. If you have never read her blog, please click the button below and read her today. I promise you won't be sorry.

Also, feeling the pressure of too many activities and the rush of life coming at you at full speed, Oswald Chambers had the answer nearly one hundred years ago. I encourage to click here and read him today.

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