River of Life, You Run Deep in Me


No offense to Wayland Holyfield or Anne Murray or to my incredible home state, Arkansas.  In fact, I don't think I know anyone who is more in love with or prouder of their home state than I am.  BUT my post yesterday left me feeling hollow inside and lacking, yes lacking.

 After going back and rereading the title, I knew what it was. Even though I had referred to God in my longings and had included a "dancing" scripture, I had not made the real connection between my post and my life. My life consisting of one thing: My God, my Savior,

the River of Life that runs deep in me.

So, Lord, I just want to thank you today for the river of life that runs deep in me--that channels its course where you would have it run--

Sometimes it runs through the fun side of me with laughing brooks and tripping streams bubbling up here and there;

In some of its meanderings it winds through the long, lost canyons of my nostalgic soul cutting new meaning into jagged memories of the past;

Other times it is like a gushing waterfall shouting joyful praise as it cascades across my dry and parched soul;

With gentle force it makes it way south for awhile heading into the very core of my being; when I place boulders of doubt, fear and disobedience in its path, it veers back to the north, all the while knowing it is going to eventually access the Source.......

the mouth, the ocean of love that harnesses every drop of God's goodness and power which is ready to be unleashed at any given moment by His Holy Spirit working in me.

I may hinder its flow at times but.......................

run deep in me it does and as it goes carves impressions of you into me.

Yes, I welcome you, gentle river of life, run deep in me............

River of Life, you run deep in me.

Loving you,
2010-the Year of Longings

He longs to flow through us.
I long to carry His river of love to all of you.

Photo:  Harris Brake Lake
Music:  The Theme from A River Runs Through It

Most of the time I pause the music when I visit other blogs but this song really seems to add meaning to this post.  If you are reading the post after the posted date, I'm leaving the song on the playlist at the bottom of the page.  You may go there to change the music.