The Big Bang


Today as I was going through my photos from last night's cul-de-sac fireworks show, I couldn't help but think back to some years ago when we lived in Tulsa.

Some of our close friends had some connection with a rich family who lived along the Arkansas River where the city fireworks would be set off. So we went over to their huge lawn several hours early, took chairs and picnic supplies and proceeded to WAIT for the fireworks to begin.


We had to look west towards the nearby river to watch for it. As we sat and waited, the daylight turned dusky and the most incredible fireworks I have ever seen happened right in front of our eyes--and believe it or not, it is on display every day of the year, although some days it is not quite as visible as others.

While we waited for the puny little lights that man created that drew upwards of 100,000 people--God outdid Himself with a sunset that would make your eyeballs pop out.

So even though the show was great as was last night's, I can't believe that I, and you, come on now just admit it, let day after day of incredible sunsets pass us by while we are busy with something else. What could be more important than setting aside that time of day to enjoy the fruit from His Big Bang?

Hope your fourth was safe and happy.


2010-the Year of Longings

Photos from last night's fireworks display.