Okay, I need some help. I only had 2 responses to the diamond challenge and both of you sent them through my email contact address. Are you having trouble leaving comments on my blog? I received an email from my brother-in-law stating that he tried to leave a comment about the deck and couldn't. So, would you please comment on this particular post if possible or send me another email to arkansaschild@gmail.com.

I want to share with you what each one who commented said and then tell you who the prize winner is. Remember, the answer didn't have to be right. I just wanted some clever answers to read and enjoy and I got two.

Marianne said, "The diamond came from a belly button stud or some other weird place."

Doris said, "The diamond came from the Arkansas diamond mine."

Both comments were good. I have no idea if the diamond came from the Arkansas diamond mine but I thought that was a really cute answer.

But, Marianne's answer is just why I never liked "True or False" tests because it is so hard for them to be totally objective. The people who write these tests are human and subject to very strong opinions that they think are fact.-- and even that is an opinion--mine. LOL Marianne could be right if you consider this answer "a weird place." If, in your family, this is a common place to wear a diamond, then it won't be weird to you.

THE ANSWER: Drum roll, please..................................................

The diamond came out of her mother's tooth and she was keeping it until she could take her to the dentist to get it glued back in!!!!!!!! Besides someone on the bus having a loose diamond, where it came from also gave all of us a good laugh. It was great fun. Just thought you might enjoy.

Okay, I am beginning to feel really "out of the loop." I went to the internet to "hopefully be able to SEARCH and with a little bit of luck find a picture of a tooth with a diamond in it." Oh my goodness, I guess this is a craze that I did not know about. I had my choice out of many, many pictures. Of course, in my case, this was several years ago and it was a fairly mature woman's mother so I am guessing that the owner of the diamond was close to 60 or 70. And we were on a church trip. Oh well, it was funny at the time. I guess it was one of those "You had to be there" instances. Forgive and enjoy the rest of your day.

And in a very fair, best 2 out of 3 drawing, Doris you are the winner of the $30 Target gift certificate. Congratulations and be watching for future give-a-ways.

Marianne, remember when Larry and I won a huge bag of fertilizer at ya'lls 10 year high-school reunion? I thought, "How appropo or is it appropro." Yea, go look it up. Did you and Frank win anything that night?

BTW, I don't know Doris but Marianne is a long-time friend. Thank you, Doris, for participating. I will be contacting you about getting your gift to you.

P.S. If you are wondering what in the world this is all about and actually give a hoot, go here.