ON THE ROAD AGAIN! tuesday trivia

Speaking of trivia--I think this qualifies.

I got to thinking about this post while driving around town doing errands and well, (don't tell him I said this cause he seldom reads my blog) well, while riding home with my husband from the lake the other night.

You see, he insisted on driving in the inside lane on a four-land highway while these young speed demons passed us on the right going really fast. We were driving 60 or 65 and they made us appear as if we were standing still so you do the guessing at their speed. "I report--you decide."

Anyway, I asked him if he minded driving in the right lane because it was scaring me and after all they do suggest that slower traffic keep to the right. He didn't respond to that in such a positive manner--even went so far as to bark at me inform me politely that "those signs were not actually posted on that roadway and they were only for freeways--that 'slower traffic' signs didn't apply to these 4-lane roads--anyone could drive anywhere they wanted to-- "

Well, that conversation did not end up drawing us closer together I might add. But it reminded me of when my parents used to drive from Little Rock to Tulsa to come visit us. This went on for 20 years and my father always drove in the inside lane.

We laughed and poked fun at him for years, especially at his (seemingly at the time) lame explanation that the outside lane was going to wear out quicker than the inside lane and he was trying to do his duty to wear them down evenly and at the same rate. He claimed it would cost the state a lot of needless money to replace a roadway where only one lane needed replacing. It sure wouldn't be cost effective to just replace one lane at a time and then a few years later replace the other lane.

Well, you guessed it. I lived long enough to see that exact thing come to pass. (No pun intended-haha) It seemed that the interstate between Little Rock and the Oklahoma border took years and years to repair. My father said that they ran out of money because they spent it all on orange barrels.

Yep, he is the one who always loved the people who "wanted their half of the road in the middle." I heard that comment many times over the years especially when we met a road hog between here and Memphis during my growing up years. And he was the one driving when we did this.

How do you end a silly, trivia-infested post such as this?

Do you actually link to a site that you just happened to email your husband after finally arriving home safely from the lake? (and sweetly suggest that he read the first sentence under general information) Or do take a picture of the apology note that you wrote at midnight after having the "final say" with that cute little email?? Thank God he discards those, or do I end it with this:

Disclaimer: I do not recommend driving in the inside lane just so that lane will wear at the same rate as the outside one.