Well, here it is! Larry and David worked 8 days to complete this. My nephew, Jud, came and helped one day, which was an incredible blessing. He is a former marine, as is David, and really made decking the lower part go so much faster. Click on picture for better view.

Remember this?

Larry and Jud taking a break.

David--we are eternally in his debt--oh me!

Larry and David went to first-grade together and have been friends ever since.

My Bro--He and I kept the rest of them company. He has been down in his back for a couple of weeks so he brought Jud over to help in his place. Thank you, John-John!

Isn't my nephew handsome?? He is a veteran of the Iraqi war. What a price he and many others paid for us. He was away from his wife and precious kids for a long, long time.

" Only a couple more feet and we will be through decking." I brought my computer out and played the "HALLELUJAH CHORUS" when they finished! I don't think they appreciated it nearly as much as I had fun doing it!

We invited Sharon, David's girlfriend over for dinner the night they finished so we christened the deck already. And one of our neighbors came over and visited for about an hour. I think we are going to use this beautiful piece of art. Still have some landscaping to do but that will come as Larry feels like it. In the meantime, he deserves a big golf break. Thank you, guys, I love the deck and know that it will bring us many hours of great enjoyment.