MONDAY MEMORIES! can you produce this!! and $30 Target give-a-way card!

Recently, I remembered a trip I took with a busload of women a few years ago. It was about a 5 or 6 hour trip so there was some time to pass. A friend and I were "volunteered" to be the game coordinators on the way to our destination. She and I decided to meet one day prior to the trip to "plan."

One game we decided to play was "Can You Produce This?" or some name similar to that. The object was to pit one side of the bus against the other and ask them if they could produce a certain item among themselves thereby scoring a point. The first side to produce the item got a point and the side with the most points won.

We made a list of some rather easy items we thought retired ladies might have on their person--Imodium, BenGay, lip balm, Pepto Bismol, (well, you get the picture)--every item that we listed was produced. Then we asked for items that we thought might be a little more sparse but were sure someone would have--we did pretty good in that category also. To be honest with you, I can't even remember now what those items were. We did NOT (I REPEAT NOTTTTTT) ask for Tampax, Kotex, birth control pills, breast feeding pads, toe or navel rings, (I know, I know, I have one 66 year old reader who actually does the toe ring thang and looks good--me, I do everything in my power to draw attention AWAY from my feet--I would sooner wear a ring in my nose than on my toe) or anything that remotely resembled those items.

After all, we did not want to remind these retired ladies of their ages and make them feel bad or less than virile or you know, what ever you call it. Ibid, or libido or something like that. I think I may be getting part of this mixed up with freshman comp and writing a research paper. Oh what a nightmare!

But I digress, anyhoo, we decided to put one last item on the list that we thought absolutely NO ONE would have but yet were sure that someone would have (does that make any sense) and surprise the whole group and make all them gasp and howl and do the drama thingie. We thought and thought and finally decided to go with a loose diamond.

Well, you are not going to believe this but one lady started screaming and scrambling to get her billfold opened. Sure enough, from her change purse, she produced a plastic zip-loc baggie with a loose diamond. Any guesses where the diamond came from????????? Come on now, put on your thinking cap. I know that some of you have some great ideas of where that rock came from so I am going to do a give-a-way.

If you leave a comment stating where you think the loose diamond came from, I will enter all three of your names (I KNOW I have at least 3 regular readers) in a drawing for a $30 Target gift card. You don't even have to be right--just leave your idea for everyone else all three of you to read and enjoy. I will post the answer on next Monday's Memories page. The comments section for winning the gift card will end at Sunday midnight, my time. You'll just have to trust me.

I actually got the idea for this game from one of my daughters-in-law. My son and she were youth pastors and had hatloads of ideas for games such as this. Of course, they asked for "the smelliest sneaker" or stuff like that--a far cry from Detrol, FemRing, etc.

DISCLAIMER: If you play this game with teen-agers, the results could be toxic--you know, chemical warfare or such.