He Grew The Tree


Many of you will be putting up your Christmas tree this week. As you do, I encourage you to focus on the meaning of the tree and share that with your children and grandchildren. The words to a song bring the meaning into focus for me.

He Grew the Tree

He molded and built a small lonely hill
That He knew would be called Calvary,
Then He made the seed
That would grow to be
Thorns that would make His Son bleed.
Then He made a green stem
Gave it leaves and then
Gave it sunshine and rain
and sheltered it with moss,

He grew the tree that He knew would be
used to make the old, rugged cross.

With tears in His eyes
God looked down through time
Saw Him spat upon, rejected and mocked.
Still He grew the tree that He knew would be
Used to make the old, rugged cross.


Nothing took His life,
With love He gave it,
He was crucified on a tree
That He created.
With great love for man,
God stayed with His plan,
He grew the tree
So that we might go free,

Still He grew the tree He knew would be
Used to make the old rugged cross.


Some years ago I wanted to start collecting something for Christmas--everyone I knew either had collections of angels, snowmen, nutcrackers, or nativity sets so I was trying to think of something different.   I finally landed on the idea of Christmas trees.  I sang the song above as a solo at church and I think it was after singing that song that I saw the true meaning of the Christmas tree.  This collection has become a meaningful part of our Christmas decorating and celebration.

It touched my heart deeply to think of God growing the tree that He knew our Jesus would someday hang upon.  What a great picture of love!

When we decorate our tree with beautiful baubles and bows, it reminds us of the beauty that came about in spite of the tragedy of the cross.  Using the evergreen tree is a picture of the perpetual growth that takes place in a Christian's life when we stay rooted and grounded in the love that God gave through Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Loving you,

2010-the Year of Longings
I long to remain focued upon the beauty that came to us in spite of the great tragedy of the cross. Thank you, Lord.

First picture:  A canvas I painted several years ago.  Quote author unknown.