Shout For Joy!


It is my hope that this month of November, this month of Thanksgiving, can truly be a time of reflection and praise, of gratitude swinging from the branches of your soul, flying high to the skies of heaven and to our precious Lord.

Let's not let our gratitude hang in the balance. It is really not gratitude until it is expressed with a grateful heart.

Oh Lord, I love you today. I give you praise for all the things you have done for me. For every victory that you have given me, for every trial that you have brought me through, for every loved one and friend, for the breath of life.

Oh God, we are facing a challenging day and I pray for courage and faith. Bless all my blogging friends who are facing an extra special challenge today. Fill us with your Spirit so that we may be full of joy, peace, love, long-suffering, kindness, gentleness, goodness, meekness and self-control.


2010-the Year of Longings
I long for my soul to joyfully express my gratitude to God.

I am linking to simple pleasures. It is a pleasure, not hard at all--very simple-- to recount all of God's blessings.

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