Whichever Comes First

I got in my car the other day and noticed a little service sticker up high on my windshield--Next service due by March 2010 or 60,075 miles. For an instant, my heart leaped and my stomach panicked. Oh no, March and this is November--eight months late on getting my car serviced and normally I take such great care of it.

I glanced down at my odometer and it read 61,030 miles. It may have been eight months late but I have only driven fifty-five miles over the recommended mileage. Now what does that say about me? I think it says that I am a homebody--that most days you will find me right here in the home with which God has blessed me.

But what would a bigger picture say--one about me and my soul or you and your soul?  Can we glean anything of value from this analogy?

What if we had a sign on our bathroom mirror that read--"Service your soul every morning or every crisis, whichever comes first"--or "Service your soul every Sunday morning or when you want to fellowship with God, whichever comes first."

Do I  take better care of my appliances or vehicles than I do of my soul?  Do I feed my body organic foods and allow reading and listening material into my spirit that is questionable in any way?

Beloved, we are fashioned with the greatest of care--just think of the thousands of miles of blood vessels carrying life-giving oxygen to every cell of your body.  God wants to flush our bodies with the power that only his life-giving Holy Spirit can impart to our spirits.