In Loving Memory of Me

Last Tuesday I started sharing a series of poems that my students wrote several years ago after studying the Holocaust. These 7th grade poets astounded me. I hope you feel the depths of emotions they shared.

In loving memory of me,
in loving memory
of my hopes and dreams,
Because in here it seems
I don't have any.
In here there is nothing,
Nothing but fear and hatred.
There is not even a slight smile
on the face of a child.
All I ever see on their faces
is worry and no hope of freedom.
All I ever hear is
"in loving memory,"
but today is different.
It's "in loving memory of me."
As I walk down the long hall,
I feel as though
there is still hope for me.
As I am waiting in fear
taking my last breath,
As I am watching the drunken soldier
laugh at my tears,
I take one last look around me,
I look at my mother
dying in her own tears,
And I wave to her that last goodbye
and whisper to her,
"In loving memory, Mother,
in loving memory of me."

by Shelby


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