you have reached your destination

Today while howling as I read about Boomama and friends and the GPS system that led them to a couple of closed Mexican restaurants, I thought about a little story that my son told me recently.

We were on our way to a wedding in a city that we were not familiar with and to a church that only one of us had been to before--that being me and of course my macho men didn't think I could direct them to it successfully. My son decided to use the GPS in his I-phone instead of my directional system.

Anyway, he started relaying a story about a group of older people on their way to a restaurant in another town. The scoop was that it was really good and worth the driving trip to dine there. One adventurous older man (I guess that is redundant since they were all older) decided to set his new-fangled gadget, a GPS on his brand new car, with the address of the restaurant. With each direction that dripped honey from the robotic voice, the group felt more and more confident that they would indeed have a successful journey.

After numerous instructions they finally were directed to turn right down a somewhat remote country road, proceed one mile to where the road would end. As they did this, the drippingly-sweet voice informed them somewhat matter-of-factly, "You have now reached your destination"--just as they pulled up to a large gate labeled "Sweet Haven of Rest Cemetery."

I hope they enjoyed their meal.