Lord You Are

Lord, to me you are the perfect flower, flawless beauty perfect little wildflower
You are the strength of a massive waterfall--
You are a vast canopy of sparkling stars,
An ocean whose waves never cease,
A mountain of refuge,
a river of delight flowing ever so gently
Carving out depths of wisdom in your children,
A rainbow whose beauty covers the whole Earth.

Oh, God, when I consider the works of your hands,
I am in total awe of you, but more than that, Father, when
I consider that you want a relationship with me,
that you delight in me conversing with you,
I cannot comprehend.

Father, grant today that I would stop and smell the flowers,
That I would look up and depend on your strength--not mine,
That I would seek out your rivers of wisdom,
And that I would reflect all the facets of your love
to those around me.

Dianne McDaniel Hogue, 1998
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