Small Things With Great Love

This afternoon when I saw this common shoot of blooms suddenly catch fire with the blazing of the sun radiating through it, I couldn't help but think of the parallel between it and us when we let the light of the Son, Jesus, shine through us and do common things in a very uncommon way.

Have you ever done something “common” in an uncommon way? Think about Sister Teresa. Everyday of her life she was doing the common things of life in a way that made her go down in history as one of the most compassionate and loving souls ever to have walked this planet.

Have I let myself become discouraged that I have not accomplished notable deeds such as she? Have I become bogged down in the rut of disillusionment because of life-long dreams unrealized? Am I tired of the hum-drum of my hum-drum life? If you identify with these thoughts, I assure you that you are not alone.

Oswald Chambers states, “If we do the duty that lies nearest, we shall see Him. One of the most amazing revelations of God comes when we learn that is in the commonplace things that the deity of Jesus Christ is revealed.”

Isn’t that what we want and yearn for? To see God revealed supernaturally in our very natural every day lives? We only need turn to the right or to the left with this thought in mind, to see many commonplace, everyday things that need to be done and done with great love. As Mother Teresa said, "In this world we cannot do great things, only small things with great love."

And suddenly in the doing of them, we will see Christ in the most briliant of lights. The supernatural will appear in the soft glow of the early dawn when we arise to a new day to share God’s love with others.

The radiance of the noonday sun will suddenly be dimmed in comparison to the smile of someone we have truly served for a moment, even if is just a cup of cold water given in His Name.

An evening sunset will colorwash our memory with the divinity of One who is the Light of All Lights. And then, as the twinkling light of dusk arises from the horizon, we can look out over our day and know that with God we were a success. With God, today we accomplished common things in a very uncommon way!

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love. "--Mother Teresa

Blessings to you,
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