Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the craving place revisited


pilgrimage-journey to a sacred place--this old sofa is not a sacred place-the sacred place is the point where my spirit and God's Spirit intersect-

nevertheless, this old sofa beckons me each morning because it has a history with me and God--

the table always hosts a cup of steaming coffee, the sunlight filters through the dining room window, (when I taught school there was no sunlight filtering through--the alarm was set much earlier) the worn family Bible, the antique clock that quit working years ago, and the old buffet link my thoughts to those who came before, those who prayed many prayers for me and my family--old and comfortable--


old clock


The flag right outside my living room window reminds me of the many heroes who gave their life's blood so that I can sit here freely and read my Bible and commune with Him every morning--
this pilgrimage of prayer and walking with him--
what a joy!
what a responsibility!


Today's theme is "going on" into this pilgrimage of prayer. I am reprinting a post from a few months ago (before I knew about Walk With Him Wednesday) entitled THE CRAVING PLACE. It best describes how I came to this place of seeking God.

I know that what works best for one is not what another needs and I look forward to reading how you have determined to go on into this pilgrimage.

In David Wilkerson's book GOD'S PLAN IN THE COMING DEPRESSION he spoke of "his craving place."

You may click on this page to make it bigger and easier to read.

Some years ago, a craving such as David describes started growing in my heart. I set the alarm a little earlier so that I could have this time of communion with the Lord every day. I know that we can meet with God anywhere, but it does seem for me that if I have a habitual place where I pour out my soul to Him that it fosters my desire and yearning to meet with Him regularly.

My craving place for many years when I lived in Oklahoma was the right end of my living room sofa. Where I live now, it is the left end of my living room sofa.

(I am fairly faithful to this routine because it is my lifeline--a total joy and something I normally look forward to with great anticipation-- but yes, I have times when it is harder than usual--if company comes it only takes missing a couple of days and then I have to work hard for a few days to get back in the habit again.)

My time consists of this:

I read (meditatively and prayerfully) 5 chapters from Psalms.

On the first day of the month I read Psalm 1, Psalm 31, 61, 91, and 121. On the 2nd day of the month I read Ps. 2, 32, 62, 92, and 122. I add 30 to the number each time. By the end of the month I have read all the way through the book of Psalms.

For many years I also read 1 chapter from Proverbs--the day of the month coordinated with the chapter I read. I have given that up recently so that I will have more time to read other books of the Bible.

I like to read something in red--Jesus' words--and I like to read something from the epistles.
Prayers are interspered within this time alone with God. I cannot separate reading God's Word and praying. To me prayer is a two way street--I listen to God for a while and then I pour out my heart to Him.

This has become my lifeline. Whenever I lose my craving to do this, my fruit seems to dry up right on the vine and I find myself trying to handle situations in my own power. And that is not a pretty picture.

UPDATE: Just a few days ago, I started reading the Bible through. I have never read the Bible through before. I am on Genesis 10 and am doing a 3-year plan. Also, I read where it is a good idea to read each epistle through about 20 times before proceeding to the next so I am on my second reading of Philippians.

I know that it is my heart that God wants and if I spend this time in God's Word and He doesn't have my heart, then it is all in vain. So my prayer is that I would let God speak to me daily through His Word and the fruit of His Spirit would be evident in my life.

holy experience


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credits--GOD'S PLAN IN THE COMING DEPRESSION BY DAVID WILKERSON-no copyrights were listed so I used this freely.