This is update:

Jacob, everything looked so, so good this morning!!!! Actually, I came up on Sunday afternoon because I couldn’t wait to see it. The courtyards and the flower bed out front all look amazing! The teachers have been commenting on it all morning. I guess I’m not used to having people do stuff for me & the school, for free, etc. I’m overwhelmed by the efforts you all put into the project.

I really meant for us all to gather and pray for the school before I left, but I forgot. I hope all of you will pray for Henderson and for me as we start our year on Wednesday. I actually hired a Baptist minister as an English teacher this year. He and I are going to do some prayer-walking before Wednesday. It will be nice to know that others around town are also lifting us up.

Again, I am overwhelmed by the generosity of all of you. We would love to keep this relationship going. If we can ever do anything for you, please let me know.


Steve Geurin

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