multitude monday-rsvp

respondez s'il vous plait--this is a little hint for the thing I am most thankful for this week


for front porch plants to water

for my morning cup of coffee--oh, I said that before?

well, then for the old Texaco insulated coffee cups that keep it piping hot! I've been using this cup for probably 20 years--maybe longer. Does anyone remember when they first came out?


Oh, you are a Phillips fan? Well, I can't leave them out. This one doesn't go as far back as the one above but I love it just as much. Don't you just love the old Route 66 signs?

My church--I know I said that before but I have to say it again. Our service yesterday was beyond incredible. No one wanted to leave.


for beautiful Korean art--this was attached to the homework of one of my son's students


for candlelight dinner with friends this week


for light that filters through trees,
I know I said that last week, didn't I? But it is so, so beautiful!
And it is a different picture!


for light that shines through crystals,


for first responders (and we didn't even have to say please)

police car

especially the policemen and paramedics who took care of my granddaughter when she was in a bad car wreck this past Saturday night.

When I first saw her, it was pretty sad. She was strapped to a stretcher in a neck brace. After x-rays, it was determined that she didn't have any serious injuries--just lots of neck and back pain from pulled muscles. Thank you Lord and thank you to all first responders everywhere. You are my heroes. I mean that.

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Maria said…
Good Morning Dianne!
I told myself, okay... after I visit this one blog, I'll get going!
School starts next week (I'm a middle school teacher)... So, here's to my last week 'home.' It was a busy summer, so hoping for a quiet week (wait, I have to go to DMV this morning to register an old car we're adopting back from our oldest ;o)
I love your gratitudes today. I am also very thankful for that first cup of coffee, in fact I thought this very thing this morning after a 5:30 wakeup call from our 15 yr. old dog who needed to go out...
my bonus: to see the sunrise ~ with my first cup of coffee in one hand and the camera in the other!

I'm glad your grand-daughter is okay! A very big blessing for all. Yes, EMT's are great. Amanda, my oldest, was a crew chief for years with our local squad and with the university. I know how hard they work!

All the best as you seek The Best,
Inksstillwet said…
I do remember the Texaco cup! I think my mom had one that she would fill with water to drink several times a day.
Yes, first responders are amazing people. I don't know how they do what they do when they have to see all the hurt and pain they see. Thankfully, they were able to help your granddaughter. I hope she has a quick recovery!
Melissa said…
Enjoyed your list. I often want to put coffee on my list everyday.
Catherine said…
Wonderful blessings, and I too love the beauty of light filtering through trees!
Kjersten said…
I am glad your grand daughter is ok! I actually had first responders on my list this week too, but not for a personal reason. Lovely list and photos to illustrate. (Coffee shows up on my list often is a cup of comfort!)
light shining through crystal... breathtaking!
The whole world is much like that, yes? His light refracting, prisms?

A joy to give thanks with you!

All's grace,
deb said…
I can't imagine the punch in the stomach fear of the accident.
So glad that your granddaughter is okay.
These pictures today are tremendous!

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