I Stand in Awe of You

Day 26

"He revered me and stood in awe of my name. True instruction was in his mouth and nothing false was found on his lips. He walked with me in peace and uprightness and turned many from sin." ~Malachi 2:5,6

Jennifer's prayer: "Let these words, used to describe Levi, be true also of my descendants."~Jennifer Kennedy Dean

My prayer:  "O Lord, I pray that all of my descendants will stand in awe of your name.  I pray that they will be so filled with You and Your knowledge that when they open their mouths nothing but truth will follow.  I pray that they will walk in peace and righteousness and many will be encouraged to live for You through the strength of their testimonies."

Father, from the bottom of my heart I thank You that once again we are privileged and blessed to have all of our descendants here celebrating Your birth.  We do not deserve all the goodness that You have lavished us with this year but we humbly bow before You and give You sincere thanks.

For all of those who will not be celebrating with all their family, especially the service men and women giving of themselves so unselfishly, I offer a prayer that You would help them through the holidays.  Bring them home safely to their family members so anxiously awaiting their arrival.  Give them courage to come boldly before Your throne and pray for the wisdom, grace, and fortitude they need to make it successfully through the holidays--to be able to celebrate Your birth even though their hearts are heavy with separation

Bless our nation, Father.  I pray that we, as a nation, would turn back to You--that You would bless us with a mighty revival that would stir us to the core.

As you came that blessed night so long ago, we ask with the Spirit that You come again--please Lord God hasten the return of Your Son to us.  Even so, come Lord Jesus!

2010-the Year of Longings

I long for all my descendants to stand in awe of Your Name.

Photo:  Taken at Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri -- 12.19.10