The Wisdom Of His Spirit

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Day 16

"But they could not stand up against his wisdom or the spirit by whom he spoke." Acts 6:10

Jennifer's prayer: "Lord, may my descendants be so genuinely full of Your Spirit that You will speak through them."~Jennifer Kennedy Dean
My prayer: "Lord, You have promised us that when we are filled with Your Spirit we will be filled with the right words to say, responses of wisdom. I pray that my descendants will always be open to the filling of Your Spirit, empowering them to walk daily in the wisdom that You want to give those who ask. The world may consider it foolishness but will not be able to stand up against it. Thank you, Father, for this incredible gift."

Today I have our precious Ashton on my heart. O Lord, for her gifts, her talents, her heart for You, I thank You.

2010-the Year of Longings
I long for my descendants to be filled with Your wisdom.

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